Travel Service Airlines (QS) / Travel Service Polska (TVP)

Czech airlines established in 1997, has a fleet counting 26 planes, mainly planes Boeing 737-800, 737-700, Airbus 320.

The weight of the passenger's baggage (including children): 20 kg
Weight of the baggage for children below 2 years old: 0 kg
ATTENTION, flight on the following routes is an exception:
Katowice - Lanzarote - Katowice: 15 kg
Poznań - Lanzarote - Poznań: 15 kg
Warszawa – Lanzarote – Warszawa: 15 kg
Wrocław - Lanzarote - Wrocław: 15 kg
Hand baggage:
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 56 x 45 x 25 cm
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Excess baggage:
Fee per every kilogram of excess baggage amounts to 6 EUR/ 8 USD. The weight of a single piece of baggage cannot exceed 32 kg.
No catering, possibility to use a SKY BAR type service.
We inform that ticketless passport and baggage check-ins in flights performed by Travel Service have been in force since 23.05.2012.

When at the airport, customers flying both from Poland and their place of rest, should proceed to the check-in station directly, where without a ticket they will be checked-in based on the appropriate identity-confirming document and receive their boarding passes.

At the same time we inform that during each check-in our representative at the Itaka station in Poland and a resident at your destination will be at your disposal.
Sports equipment subject to excess baggage fee:
- bicycle, scooter
- skiing equipment - i.e. pair of skis (together with ski poles) or 1 snowboard and skiing (snowboarding) shoes
- diving equipment e.g. oxygen cannister with equipment, pair of swim-fins, mask, diving suit, depth gage etc. (equipment for snorkeling, i.e. 1 glasses, snorkel, 1 pair of swim-fins is not regarded as diving equipment)
- windsurfing equipment - i.e. 1 board with a sail and 1 mast
- kiteboard + kite
- surfboard
- golfing equipment
- rigs
- parachute, paraglider, hang-gliding equipment


The listed equipment is not included in the free limit of registered baggage. Should you wish to send the listed sports equipment, you will have to pay the excess baggage fee - regardless of whether you use you free baggage limit or not. Transport of excess baggage is subject to fees in line with the Table of Additional Fees.

To download:

Travel Service conditions of carriage (480kB pdf)